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Answer for question 4212.

Do you work well in groups or do you prefer to complete projects by yourself? Why? What was your worst group project experience?
Honestly, I cringe when my kids come home and tell me they have a group project. Group dynamics can be synergistic and powerful, but only if everyone is pulling their share of the weight. More often than not, there's one in the group who wants to work, and the rest want everyone else to do the work for them. That, in my humble opinion, is a recipe for disaster.

But, on those rare occasions where you find yourself equally yoked with another person of the same heart and mindset, well… there is just NO limit to what can be accomplished.


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Jan. 27th, 2015 08:02 pm (UTC)
Yes, I have to agree with that. If you add to that the complication of kids not living in the same area as in parochial/private schools, the parents get sucked into running their kids here, there and everywhere. Logistics alone can be a nightmare! Then, if one kid doesn't pull his weight, the entire group gets marked down.

I myself much prefer to work alone; that way I know it's getting done on time and getting done right. I don't even like a boss peering over my shoulder, micromanaging. If you trust me to do the job, let me do it. If not, then do it yourself!

It's interesting that most people here are saying they prefer to work alone, especially since more workplaces are forcing the group scenario with short, tiny cubicles or just a huge room with tables so everyone works in the same space. Very distracting, unless you're brainstorming. Not good for overall productivity, and stress levels go sky high!
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